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Why should only large cooperations enjoy the luxury of world-class business consulting? African SMEs are the future. If you are an African SME or an African diaspora, our "Joadre Lab" service is here to support from idea to a successful venture. To join our lab and profit from our coaching, it takes 3 steps. 1.) Register on our platform, 2.) Fill our "idea assessment" form and 3.) Wait for us to asses your submission and activate your account.
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At Joadre lab, our goal is to empower African entrepreneurs. That is why we have a free 3 months coaching which is sponsored by the Austrian research institute. Our 3 months coaching happens online, via emails and WhatsApp. You can as well opt in for a full membership to profit form our full lab service which includes the one-on-one coaching, access to exclusive resource materials (blogs, vlogs and podcast), match-making service to find new international partners, showcasing and access funding opportunities. visit our membership page to opt in form a full membership.
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Free welcome series – Understand the mindset to get wealth.

Do you go to bed everyday with your idea,  waiting for the perfect job vacancy? Do you wish to build your idea into a real globally competitive venture? Or are you investing your energy to travel abroad? While you wait, why not invest in yourself and sow a seed of knowledge. Maybe your idea might be exactly what the world needs now! If you are ready to take control of your life and take advantage of this opportunity, then click to enrol and start with my free welcome series > 

Experience is priceless!

Joana Adesuwa ReitererI am Joana and the founder of the Joadre business lab and Joadre fashion.  I have spent the last 16 years developing ideas, businesses and projects in Africa and in Europe. One of which has allowed 2 Nigerian road-side tailors supply a sustainable chain store company, with 20+ stores in Europe. My mum was, actually still is a teacher. She would wake me up as early as 5am to learn. As a child, I thought she was simply an angry woman who disliked sleep and loved to scream “Good morning, time to read, exams is tomorrow”! Now, I am extremely grateful.

Traditional education is a must, but we must also compensate for the missing knowledge that our school curriculums has failed to pass on to us – little practical lessons for our daily personal and professional life. Our own experience and the experiences of other entrepreneurs is key to bridge this gap. African entrepreneurs, home and abroad, have priceless business knowledge, acquired through years of work experience. I want to help African SMEs get the most valuable content and support that they need to build their ideas into successful ventures. Are you ready learn, to build, to connect and to grow? Join my 6 key foundation program today. You can also begin with my free welcome series beneath to prepare your mindset. Cheers, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer (Founder & creator of the 6 key foundation program)


Joadre Fashion is now independent!
Our very first in-house investment was the Joadre Fashion, where we coached dozens of west African tailors and fashion producers to become competitive in a global market. We selected 15 students and invested in their businesses. Today, we have a network of over 65 producers in the textile landscape in West Africa. Here is what some of our students and Alumni have to say about our work, our ressource materials, our coaching and more.

The 6 key Workbook changed my life forever and helped my stop the limiting beliefs I had about myself. Reading the book has given a step-by-step guide on how to transform my ideas to reality. The book is my business bible.

Abosede, 23, Lagos state

Even as a trained tailor in Lagos, I didn’t know how to design fashion, draft patterns or run a production. Since I joined Joadre training in 2018, I have learned so many new skills and more.  Its indeed a big privilege for me.

Bisola Ogunranti

I appreciate that I have been given me the opportunity to discover hidden skills and gain more experience in building my business. My products are now sold in Europe. It is amazing!

Rofiat O.

6 Key Workbook

Very often, the challenges in the African environment can prevent you from seeing the diverse opportunities within. You might want to start a business but you have no clue about how to begin to develop the idea. This workbook is here to work you through the process of developing your idea. The workbook is your offline entrepreneurs guide to transform your ideas into a real business, with full contents from our 6 Key foundation milestone online program.   Let us channel your focus to the core vision of your life.

workbook for African entrepreneurs to build businesses
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