To often do we allow challenging social issues around us to disable our ability to employ concrete actions towards a solution.

We find ourselves caught up in the struggle to cob the Symptoms of the problem rather than the cause of the problem. We become the hamster in a wheel, spinning to catch up with the momentum generated symptoms to the problem. But we can pause and reset our actions towards a more sustainable solution that tackles the cause of the problem. With this philosophy, Joadre in collaboration with our charity organisation EXIT, launches its branded event edition called“Arise“, to create a constructive debate to enable us reset our approach to challenging issues within our individual and global environment. Our approach is to employ best practices can be adapted to suit the specific needs and explore how first-hand experiences can serve as an instrument for change. With every edition of“Arise”, we focus on a theme, an approach and one solution.

Arise event against human trafficking by Joadre
A short biography of Joadre.

Joadre started off as a social fashion company training Nigerian tailors to become globally competitive. Weare extremely excited that some of our tailors now produce and sell in Europe. On May 1st, we launched our Padre Lab with the vision to build the next generation of African entrepreneurs who approach issues from a more holistic perspective with the goal to create social impact. Combining online education, resource loaded events and business support, our mission is to help our members transform their ideas to sustainable venture.

We would like to partner with you.

It is only through our collective efforts that we can achieve this vision. We would like to keep the Arise Eventalive and touring cities. We invite you to co–host an event. You can click or partners page to learn more about other ways to partner > .

Co-hosting an Arise event for your audience.

Co–hosting an Arise event for your audience. We are keen on meeting your audience life and working together for sustainable solutions to their challenges. . Joadre Arise event is a one–day meetup tailored to suit your audience. Our core mission at every event is to reset the intention of the audience towards crafting out a solution that will help them to transform their ideas into real actions. For our Arise event to happen, you will have to organise the following:

  • a minimum of 50 participants.
  • Make provisions for the event location space.
Your benefits as a co-host
  • We support you through the process of organizing the event.
  • Promotional materials are provided.
  • Digital marketing incentives are promoted.
  • Your audience can attend Arise event for a discounted fee or for free, depending on the arrangement agreed upon. *Normal admission fee is between 5000,- Naira(15,-€) to 50000,- Naira (125,-€).
  • Your audience get access to our free downloadable resource material and up to a 50% discount coupon if they decide to join our full program.
When can you get on board?

Right now! If you are interested, please write us an email now using our email address [email protected] to tell us that you are interested. Kindly introduce yourself and your organisation. Our team will contact you and take the partnership conversation from there. You can also find out when & where the next Arise edition will hold. Maybe we are close by and can host an event with you. The next event is proposed to hold on June 13thin Vienna, Austria and in July 2019 in Edo state and Lagos in Nigeria.

Upcoming ARISE edition.
When you become co-host.

We have a growing media platform and we would be excited to interview you and get to present your work to our african and European audience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this writeup. This would be the beginning of our collaboration and trust me, my team is very creative to develop new collaborations in the future.

Major partner

Verein EXIT gegen Menschenhandel
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