5 businesses to start with less than 100k in Nigeria

10 businesses to start with less than 100K in Nigeria.

What business to start? This is a hot question! Very Often we are not satisfied with our 9 to 5 jobs because we know that we have more potential and probably the job environment will not allow us develop and grow this potential. And maybe the salary we earn is not actually sufficient to cover our expenses. Or you might be craving…

Soap making business idea

How to find a great business idea

Ok, I have this chat box on my website that allows visitors to make enquiries. Do you know what the top 1 question is? What good business idea can I start with little capital? The first time I received this question I actually thought it was a joke. Why would you ask a total stranger to give you an…

prospect in Africa. joadre podcast

Introducing my podcast and yes, there is prospect in Africa.

You know what, when I keep reading about the thousands of African lives lost on the medittereaner sea, in the quest to migrate out of Africa, to look for a better future, to look for better prospects in Europe, I am like noooo. Hey, the prospect is right in front of you. Dozens of international multi-million dollars companies are investing thousands to enter into the African market. Where are you? On the road to Europe? Wait a minute.

Osato Odion

Building freedom with Osato Odion. ARISE 01 Vienna

Nevertheless, within the density of violence and oppression, where Osatos freedom was takes from her, she found the courage to think differently. She found the courage to say no the first time. Then again, then again, Slowly she could build on her courage and reclaim her freedom. Her did she get there?

Over 22000 Migrants have lost their lives on the high sea trying to migrate from their home country to Europe.

Reset your intention. set goals

Stay focused to your goal.

The information we consume, generates a perception in our minds. Very often we lose control over our thoughts. Our minds begin to  ponder on things that would not bring us any value. If we dwell on these thoughts, it will influence our ability to act. We get distracted from our goal. How do we stay focused? Take for example social media…

secret to success, Knowledge is power

Find your power and the secret to success.

I am not going to list out a step or guide as the secret to success. No, I would rather want you to understand how to develop a lifestyle that would bring you lasting success, in your personal life as well as in your professional life. There is only one secret and that is “knowledge”. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is…

Start a business with what you have.

I keep getting people write me saying they do not have capital to start a business. Some even send me these kind of one liner questions – business to do with 100k, best business to invest in, small businesses to start in Nigeria. First of all, let me say that these phrases are not proper questions. If you cannot send…

capture your best business ideas

How to capture your best business ideas.

Life in Africa is beautiful, especially if you have financial resources and access to a profound social network. But what if you come from a background where you might have to create your own blueprint to success. You might be the first to get higher education and everyone expects you now to shoulder the whole family. What if you did…

africans are half the world population

What if Africans are half the world’s population?

As an entrepreneur, your first duty is to care about what happens outside your world. Observing the view from a foreign perspective is an essential action that allows you even come up with business ideas to increase your income. Do not sit lamenting about Africa’s poor infrastructure. While you do that, western companies are strategically planing how to enter into…

Before you start a business idea, do this!

If you live in places like Lagos, Nigeria or some mega city with a very dense population, there is so much going on. Both positive and negative. There are challenges that you see and wonder why on earth are things this way. Get stuck in a traffic jam on the Lagos third mainland bridge and you will understand what I…

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