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  1. Find the tutorials you need and watch them to the end.
  2. Launch Q&A coaching tickets. 
  3. The third way to use our platform is to do you homework. 
  4. The fourth way to make the best out of our platform is to actually do the work and create a business plan document and begin to update and edit the content as you move on with this program.  
  5. And lastly, use the library page to navigate through topics. 


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I am Joana, a social entrepreneur. I founded Joadre Business Lab in 2019 and Joadre platform in 2014. I was born in Edo state, Nigeria and have spent over a decade in Europe. My current base is Vienna, Austria and Lagos, Nigeria. My passion to build the capacity of African entrepreneurs and connect them to the global space has made me launch and complete dozens of projects like the NaWa film festival connecting 6 EU countries to Nigeria. I produced several films and released two biographical books. In the last 4 years, I raised funds to develop a prototype for a mass textile production network in Lagos serving stores in Europe. These projects were spearheaded by the Austrian government and private investors. Through my work as a social entrepreneur, I have been honoured to receive numerous awards. In my training and mentorship program, I will be bringing you the best content and solutions from the diaspora and network of experts. Feel free to connect with me here or on social media using the icons in the footer of this website.
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