Program wrap up – Master the routine. Seek mentorship.

Welcome to Joadre Business Lab, JBL. This is the place to transform idea to wealth. In this wrap-up tutorial, I will summarise the key take aways we covered during the full program. You will also learn about how we can support you to start your business idea and what you need to do to get our support as an alumni. If you have questions or you need specific coaching regarding what you have learned in this tutorial, please launch a Q&A coaching ticket if you are eligible, meaning you have a membership plan. I will respond to your specific questions personally.

If you do not have a plan but buy  individual tutorials, you can also get a bit of support by posting generic and short questions as comments beneath this tutorial. I answer all questions in my weekly free videos posted on the channel page.

Follow me on Instagram or facebook to get a dose of my daily motivational posting and business insights. Thank you once again for attending this tutorial and sowing a seed of knowledge in your life.

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