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Osato grew up to believe that she had no value. Self doubt and self blame became part of her life at a very young age. For her, traveling to Europe was the most suitable option. She became of a victim of human trafficking. Her journey through the Sahara desert and the sea ended on the streets of Italy. Despite the trauma and violence she was experiencing, she summoned the courage to say no to her exploiter! To break free. In this course, Osato shares part of her journey and how she found the courage to free herself. Enroll to get inspired and support Osato’s work. Today, she is speaking out. She want to give young girls in her home community a choice to live a free life. She wants to raise awareness.

Find the courage to break free

Osatohamwen Odion

Enroll beneath to get inspired and support Osato's work. The profits from this course goes into Osatos project "Free-me" where she offers young girls stipend for basic education.

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Join the launch at the ARISE 01 – BUILDING FREEDOM with Osato Odio.


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Osato Odion was trafficked to Europe through one of the most dangerous routes – the Sahara dessert, Libya and then across the Mediterranean Sea. Forced to work in brothels and severely threatened by her exploiter, Osato found courage, deep in the midst of fear, self doubt and pain, she discovered her own courage to break free from 21st century slavery. Osatohamwen Odion, the now student and part time photo model speaks out and wants to use her story to give victims and vulnerable people a voice.
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