How to capture your best business ideas.

Life in Africa is beautiful, especially if you have financial resources and access to a profound social network. But what if you come from a background where you might have to create your own blueprint to success. You might be the first to get higher education and everyone expects you now to shoulder the whole family.

What if you did not have a rich uncle or aunty with connections? And you had to hustle multiple ventures on the side to support your 9 to 5 job. How do you still find time to build your side hustle into your dream life? You have to pay bills and send your kids to school, so there is no time left to actually invest in your dream venture.

There is power in an empty book.
There is power in an empty book.

I have been there as well. I have had to clean toilets and make beds to pay my bills. It was so hard to find the time to work on my ideas. I literally came back from work dead tired and started the same routine the next day. Thats how weeks flew by and my idea disappeared in thin air.  Until I discovered a new habit which I still practice today. Let me share this habit with you and I sincerely hope it will help you capture the best business ideas that you have. This habit has also helped me today to keep my motivation high and dedicate time. This is what I did.

  1. I invested in an empty book. Now this might sound funny. But believe me there is power in an empty book. And the book was soo beautiful. It was a glittering light pink A5 sized book without any lines inside.
  2. Then I bought a special pen. Any time I saw with my pen, it was like magic. I just had the urge to write down something.
  3. I placed both the book and the pen beside my bed. Sometimes I took it along with me if I had along ride. anytime I was on a flight or train to another city or country, be sure that I have my glittering book and unique pen.

These simple tools where always by my side. So anytime I had an idea that could be a business or an idea that could be beneficial to my venture, I wrote it down. The phycology behind this habit is that i felt free after pouring all my ideas and junks into the book. I had no scrutiny. No critic. The book was mine alone and I could write any idea into it. It is crucial to write down you idea before your brain begins to scrutinise the feasibility or viability of it.

To groom this habit, you must learn discipline.

Now, you goal after reading this blog is to get your empty book and pen. But you need to become disciplined. You are on your own path to being successful. So you need to do one more thing! you need to create time to read through your ideas and begin to see how to start any of them. Read my blog on how to start a business with what you have.  Say no to those friends that assists you in wasting your time – name it, gossip, gist, window shopping, on clubbing etc. You need your precious time to begin with your idea.

I hope I was able to share a useful habit with you. It’s all in your hands now.

Cheers, Joana

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