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Our platform will launch on May 1st 2019 with our foundation program “6 Key foundation milestones”. Following our launch in may, our Joadre weekly with Joana web show will premier its season 2 in September 2019 and this time it will be in English! You can watch our weekly videos on this page. In the coming season, we have some changes and I am so excited already. I will introduce new business ideas, dissect the pros and cons of the idea, show you how to start it and answer questions from our community. It is going to be fun because I will spice it up with sketches and interviews with experts from the different fields. It is all about creating an empowering stage for African SMEs to launch and connect to the global market. Do not miss out, subscribe to our newsletter beneath.

Interview with Louise Deininger.

Louise talks about why she found it necessary to start her work in Northern Uganda. In this region many youths suffer from the effects of a 20 years long insurgency leading to drug abuse, betting, domestic violence, early marriage and more. But Louise has seen the enthusiasm of these young men and women. She uses her skill as an artist to create change.

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