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Our Go Global service is tailored to assist European companies who intend to develop a sustainable market entry into Africa. Our entry base is Nigeria being the most populated African market. Here are a few key data: 

  • Nigerian has over 197 million people. 
  • A west African country that lies on the atlantic ocean. 
  • Population is young with about 50% below 20 years. 
  • 30.7% were aged 25–54.
  • Middle Class: Divided into rising middle class RMC and upper middle class UMC.
  • Rising middle class earns about $1050 – $4125 annually (world bank statistics), estimated to be about 50 million people.
  •  Presence of foreign shopping malls: In the last five years, South African retailers have opened nearly 100 stores in Nigeria (including Shoprite and Spar stores). This pace is set to double by 2020. US retail giant Walmart, invested $2.4 billion acquiring a majority stake in South African grocery retailer Massmart with a vision to grow across Africa, starting in Nigeria.
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What does sustainable mean at Joadre?

We believe that every business venture has the power to create better prospects for the communities they operate in. And if the stakeholders on the ground are treated with respect and dignity, they would dedicate their skills and network to make your business activities/goals successful. Therefore, it is our mission to help you design a sustainable social impact, that builds the capacity of the target community. With this intention, a successful market entry is guaranteed.  

Through our bicultural competence and our own network of local stakeholders, we provide in-depth market intelligence and access. As the Austrian foreign ministry department for global economic partnership, ADA (Asutrian Development Agency) is dedicated to developing sustainable business partnerships, there are also government funds to assist you through market feasibility pre-analysis, business partnerships and further alliance.  During our first meeting, we can discuss the potential of your business to access these funds. Through our Joadre Lab program, we currently have African entrepreneurs in the following fields – Textile and accessory production, nutrition and health produce, digital services, media and film, looking to partner with you. 

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Examples of our offer includes as follows but are not restricted to the list; 

  1. Initial consultation of business requirements for the target market to include identification of results expected, formulating goals and developing strategies.
  2. Market analysis in specific industry areas of specialty as listed beneath.
  3. Research and documentation of key business insights. 
  4. Advisory for financial grants and subsidies relevant to clients venture as well as grant management where needed (Processing documents, official applications).
  5. Match-making to build capable network  and connecting to potential stakeholders.
  6. Developing a Go-to-market strategy including implementing focus groups and competitors analysis.
  7. On-ground logistics to include carrying out legal and accreditations procedures on behalf of client as well as outsource management. 
  8. On-ground physical office at our co-working space with shared customer service and representation. 

From our resource desk, clients would profit from consistent market intelligence and business insights. We cannot give an estimate of our fees as we do not believe in charging per hour but according to the value we will create for our clients.

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