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Joadre Elite membership.

Annual membership for African entrepreneurs either living in Africa or in the Diaspora.
  • Enjoy all our free  resource content for African entrepreneurs, such as weekly blogs, bi-monthly podcast and bimonthly business Vlogs. Free content can be found in our blog page, podcast page and vlog page.
  • Access to the 6 Key eWorkbook.
  • 4X yearly our business journal sent to your email.
  • Access to our online coaching room for weekly one-on-one coaching. Log into the coaching room. You must create a business profile to access this service. To create a business profile list our profile form page.
  • Full access to 6 KEY foundation milestone program with 80+ video tutorials.
  • 100% off new programs and courses. Meaning free access to new programs, bonus materials and courses.
  • Full access to student forum for business discussions, insights and networking.
  • 1x match-making request opportunity using our Q&A ticket. Create ticket here. You must be logged in to submit ticket. Our goal is to connect you through our match-makings service to relevant business partners.
  • Free Business plan review and feedback.
  • Access to showcase on our digital platform, marketplace, offline at our fairs and during pic things to business partners.
  • 50% off for life events.
Building sustainable businesses, from idea to wealth!

One annual membership with extra benefits!

Why should only large cooperations enjoy the luxury of world-class business consulting? African SMEs are the future. If you are an African SME or an African diaspora, our "Joadre Lab" service is here to support from idea to a successful venture. To get a full membership subscription for a year into our program and profit from our numerous services, here is how to go about it. 1.) purchase a subscription. You will receive an email taking you through the next step. But they are simple and here are the; 2.) Register on our platform if you purchased the subscription as a guest. You choose your password and can access your services anytime from any device. 3.) Fill our "idea assessment or profile" form and that's it!
Create a business profile - step 3
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You would rather go for one offs?

We want you to afford quality coaching and build your business. Therefore, we have some services and products available as one offs. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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