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Excited. Our 6 Key workbook is out!

This workbook has been designed to provide you an offline access to themajor content in my Joadre Entrepreneurs lab. It is meant to supplement and enhance your learning experience on our platform. My goal is to give you the tools and step-by-step guide you need to develop your ideas to meet global standards. My vision is to enable you activate your own individual calling or purpose as you may like to call it, because I strongly believe that you will become extraordinarily successful if you follow that path which was destined for you. I want to help you discover the activities that you are passionate about  and show you how to leverage them in other to build and grow a sustainable business or project. Within the 6 key program, we will explore entrepreneurship from a holistic approach, channelling your focus to align with the core vision of your life. I have invested time and effort to make topics like business financing, idea scouting, marketing, funding, planing and lots more exciting. In this workbook, I share my own experience as well as many examples for you to understand how you can transform your ideas into a sustainable venture.


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Joadre 6 key start a businessstart a business with little capital in Nigeria

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