Joadre Lab is an online business coaching service tailored solely for African SMEs and African Diasporas. With our business management software on our website platform, students of our lab can profit from systematic coaching managed by our team of experts at the backend.  Alongside our one-on-one online coaching, we publish series of ressources as blogs, podcast, videos, books and hold life events called “ARISE” with the aim to help these SMEs transform their ideas to a sustainable business that serves a global audience. Alumni from our lab have access to further Elite services such as matchmaking for business partnerships, fundraising, showcasing and microfinance. If you want to enrol for the 2019/2020 Joadre lab program, you can visit our membership page for details on next steps. 

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Joadre lab services offer a wide range of exclusive resource materials and coahing to build buisnesses in Africa. 

To support our coahing process, we have and continually create free and/or paid tutorials for specifc business/project sectors. You  can visit our tutorial page to see available courses. If you are an African Diaspora or an African SME on ground, and you want to develop your business or project idea (charities included), here are the 3 simple steps to begin profiting from our  services. 

  1.  Register on our platform for free – enter your email adress and choose a password to enable you log in later. Takes you 2 minutes.
  2. Tell us about yourself and idea using our business profile form. Takes about 5 minutes and it is absolutely free. Afterwards, your profile will be activated you can access our coahing room easily.
  3. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updates.

Testimonial: The Joadre fashion is our first major testimonial enabling Nigerian SMEs in fashion to sell their products in Europe. 

Our Go Global service is tailored to assist European companies who intend to develop a sustainable market entry and establishment for business in Africa, targeting Nigeria as a starting point. Our goal is to establish our clients successfully in the new African market and offer the most efficient avenues for our client to generate sustainable social value. Visit our Go Global page to learn more > 

Social consulting services to build awareness and stakeholders engagement. Services include public speaking and keynote, life workshops, online courses and coaching. Focus topics include female rights, human rights, African development, economic participation in Africa, human trafficking. Make enquiry to find out when we are available and the cost for our services. 

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Industry sectors in Africa where we have expertise and Global topics:
  1. Fashion – production, retailing, showcasing.
  2. Consumer goods – food, beverage.
  3. Health – supplements, programmes. 
  4. Digital industry – service providing, app, website development.
  5. Education – digital, development fo curriculum, vocational.
  6. Export and import
  7. SME – training, financing, networking.
  8. Social, non-charity (Industry & topic)
  9. Media – Film, Literature, publishing
  10. Migration (topic).
  11. Social impact investments.(topic)
You can acess individual offers from our store page.

Other services

Workbook and other resource material. Membership to access exclusive content. Research and reports - availabel soon!Showcasing on our platforms.
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