Stay focused to your goal.

The information we consume, generates a perception in our minds. Very often we lose control over our thoughts. Our minds begin to  ponder on things that would not bring us any value. If we dwell on these thoughts, it will influence our ability to act. We get distracted from our goal. How do we stay focused?

Take for example social media postings –  a glamorous post of a friend that you might have not seen for a long time. Maybe they now have a fancy car, glamorous clothes and a big house. At least the picture shows that, but the truth is that you do not really know if they have it. You do not really know how they feel. But you panic and judge yourself!

Are you judging yourself based on someone else achievements?

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You begin to question your achievements. The truth is that we all process the information we consume in your conscious or unconscious state of mind. I have even seen people who then channel all their efforts to be like someone they saw in a social mdeia post. To achieve what they have achieved, so that they too can send out such postings on your social media. Do you know what you are doing? Wasting your precious time. You are wasting your time because no two individuals is born to achieve the same things. No two individual is born to walk the same path.

Getting distracted to divert from ones own path is super easy. 

External factors can be very instrumental in distracting you. Especially when you live in an environment that’s way too comfortable. Believe me, you might say, never! Comfort is a great privilege but also a state that can make you distracted to lose focus of the things you want to achieve. Comfort can keep you running in a hamster wheel. You could get stuck doing the same things everyday just simply because its comfortable. On the contrary, hardship is bound to make you distracted, if you let your focus dwell on the limitations and lack. So, at the end of the day, there are so many factors that can pull you away from your desired path

What do you do when this happens? How do you get back on track?

When you find yourself caught up in this trap, try this simple practice to get you back on track Reset your intention. In my 6 key foundation program, we will explore practices that can help you stay focused. When we talk about resetting our intention, it means to align your intentions towards actions that take you to your own goals. Reseting your intention means to identify actions that brings you a step closer to your goal. Sometimes you panicking to meet up a race that’s not your own can lead to anxiety.

It took me a long while to realize that I am here just to walk my own journey. No matter the critic, the comfort, the achievements, the struggles, I am on my own journey, so I can choose my pace, I can choose my actions. I am therefore constantly resetting my intentions when I feel lost or distracted

To be able to do this you should already have figured out your own goal. Be it a small goal or the big picture vision. Now, what is left for you to do is to consistently be aware that life involves consuming information. We are consistently consuming information. And the information we consume will shape the goals we set. Whatever goal or vision you have set for yourself this year, this month, this week or this hour, this is your focus. Your sole focus should be on contiously creating actions that would lead you to achieving these goals.

How do you create conscious actions to reach your goal?

By setting and resetting your intentions towards the goal. I emphasis on resetting because we live in a world where we recieve consistent information. And this information, which were supposed to be barely external factors can influence our day to day intentions. They can make us lose focus. In order to build a consistent strivie towards your goal, you can master the simply habit of asking why. This is an internal exercise that runs in your mind but helps you monitor your actions and identify if they connect with your goals.

I actually do this very often during some hectic days. I have my once empty book where I write down exactly the why. If I find it hard to write this down in my book, maybe its too complicated to explain why, or Ifind it hard to articulate it properly or I just do not find a good why,  I shift that action backwards. I hope you all have your books, once empty but now getting filled with ideas and practices. I talked about the power of an empty book in another article which you can read here. 

Ask why!

Why do I have this meeting today? Why do I want to be a mother? Why do I feel unhealthy? Why do I want to travel abroad. Why should I vote for this politician? Why do I invest my energy in this relationship? The conscious and consistent questioning of your thoughts and proposed actions will lead you to be the master of your actions.

I know that some of you out there have really great experience practices on how to stay focused. I also know that some of you out there struggle with staying focused. Please share your thoughts, struggles, practices that work for you and comments on this topic.

Thank you so much for staying till the nd of this article. 

See you next week as we handle a brand new issue that entreprenuers experience in their daily lives. 




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